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Yeastrol is one of the best over the counter products for yeast infection treatment. The product is effective and yet comes without the risk of any potential side effects. The product works even for severe and recurring yeast infection.

How does it work?
The Yeastrol yeast infection treatment is one of the most effective OTC anti yeast infection products available in the market. The product works on a sublingual delivery system to check the overgrowth of yeast. This anti yeast infection solution treats all forms of yeast infection- vaginal infection, oral thrush, skin ash, diaper rash, moniliasis and others.

Other than treating yeast infection the product also provides symptomatic relief. It helps in easing out various yeast infection symptoms such as abdominal pain, irritation, itching, coating on the tongue and mouth, joint pain, redness in the eyes and various.

What are its ingredients?

This highly effective anti yeast infection solution makes use of only homeopathic ingredients. All the ingredients in this product have been handpicked by experts. Each of these ingredients works for a particular kind of yeast infection or helps in easing out some or the other symptom of the infection. Some of the ingredients used in the product include Baptista Tinctoria, Echinacea Augustifolia, Kreosotum, Nitricum acidum, Borax and several others.

Is it safe?
Yeastrol is a homeopathic product and does not make use of any ingredients that can have a negative effect on your system. The product is absolutely safe and free from any kind of side effects. This anti yeast infection solution will not make you feel dizzy or cause any kind of gastrointestinal upset.

It is owing to the safe nature of Yeastrol yeast infection treatment that the product can even be used for children above the age of 12. However, a consultation with the doctor is necessary before using the product for pregnant women or children below the age of 12.

How to use?
Using Yeastrol is absolutely simple. Simply spray the product twice under the tongue. Repeat this three times a day. There are no precautions or contraindications associated with using the Yeastrol yeast infection treatment solution.

Where can I buy?
Yeastrol can be bought online in a matter of few simple steps. To buy Yeastrol over the web you need to select your Yeastrol package. Choose from Yeastrol 6 bottle package, 4 bottle package, 2 bottle package and a single bottle package. Once you have chosen your Yeastrol package, fill in an order form. Proceed by making your payment via a credit card.

What if the product does not work?
There is no way that the Yeastrol yeast infection treatment is not going to work for you. However, if it does not work, you can avail the Yeastrol 90 day money back guarantee. Simply return the product within 90 days of purchase and you can have your money back.
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